Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jillian in the Cross Country

Jillian has been participating in cross country since school started. Swimming starts later in the fall (just now starting practice) so she decided to stay in shape by doing cross country. It has been difficult for her since she is like me in high school - I hated running. But she keeps at it. I've attached some short videos of her at the meet in Price this week. While she does not finish in the top group to medal, she does complete the course and she is aheaded of several girls.

The other day she asked why I keep pushing cross country. I asked her three questions. Are you having fun? Do you like being with your team? She answered yes to these and I told her that was what was important. Then I asked what would you being doing if you did not do cross country? She replied sitting around watching TV. Plus I told her there are many people who would not attempt to run cross country let alone finish each race! I did not like running until I was in the Marines.

Jillian also auditioned for the "Sound of Music" play and she will be one of the nuns. Joy will receive her Young Women Medalion tomorrow in sacrament.

Joy did not play on Thursday after hurting her shoulder in the volleyball match against Wasatch. In that match she had 32 kills - pretty amazing! They won giving them a 3-0 record in Region. With her out the team did not do well against ALA on Thursday. They lost and it was Carbon's first region loss in over two years. Joy went to physical therapy on Friday and has to return on Monday. They think in might be torn ligaments. They will know more on Monday.


  1. Keep going Jillian. You'll be glad you you did it. I really wish I had stayed in shape. I can't even run from my house to the mail box without feeling dead, so keep it up. We're all proud of you. We hope Joy gets better. It sounds like her team needs her. I'll call on Monday to see how things are going. Love you guys!

  2. FINALLY a girl in our family has some athletic genes!! Go Joy and Jillian! I haven't seen you since you were babies...hard to believe you're so grown and gorgeous now. xoxo Cousin Amy from faraway Florida

  3. Yeah, I hate running. I'm a pretty good fast-walker :)

    I was checking back for a new post. What's going on down there???

    I mean I know we talk on the phone, but you've got to blog, too!

    I'll check back.