Sunday, March 28, 2010

Latest Email from Jake

Here's the latest email from Jake. Good reading!!!

I only have a couple minutes left so I'll just sum this up, I'll call you in a second,
but yes i'm 100 percent focuses, and doing my job, and things are going well, i was just but in charge of the bomb stop, which is a couple hundred meters away from the base next to the soak lot where all civilian traffic coming on the base soaks so the dogs can get a better smell off of it (i don't understand that) but its me and my team and we control all the traffic and patrol the soak lot and deal with the afghan all day and all the bull crap that is involved with their trucks and the weird things they try to bring on base or to harm us, but all is well I enjoy it, today we met some kids and they loved fruit roll ups that you sent in the package, and silly string petroffs wife sent, they covered us in it. The sardings (spelling) were a big hit with me and my team we all loved them includding the swarms of flies that infest our truck! Thanks alot for the package, my team and platoon say thanks
Thats all take care
love ya

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Check out this link to get a tour of Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

This is a MRAP.
I spoke with Jake and they were on a training course. The driver was going along side a bank and took a turn too sharp and it tipped on it's side.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Recent emails from Jake.

From Wednesday

Hey,Yeah I'm at leatherneck for now, there are rumors going around about a move as part of our mission but i can't really go into detail, but all is well just wrapping up on our first week of bull crap training and classes, and about ready to start our rip and shadowing with the unit we are relieving, other than that not to much, other than i was in an mrap that turned over on its side that was and experience. Well that all for now things are still good. Tell everyone to send letters because im sick of slow internet!Talk to you later Jakey-poo

From Saturday

Hey i made it here safe, things are crazy though, its been busy and internet is terrible, i can't get it on my laptop but the internet cafe (what they call it) is where i can email every so often. i quess we are taking over qrf for the whole base and outside operating areas so i'm going to be pertty busy so tell everyone that letters will probably be the way to go. thats all for now tell everyone i say hi.Jakeps can you send me some celltech made by muscletech, either grape or fruitpunch, you can use one of my checks to buy it from gnc thanks

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Follow Up

Forgot I had this picture of Jake's platoon. It was included in a letter from his Platoon Commander. Jake is on the back row all the way to the right - with the sunglasses.

While Jake thinks this is corny, wanted to include what the Lieutenant said.

"I would like to thank you for the sacrifice you make as parents to support Jacob, our Corps, and our coountry. Your son's hard work and dedication have gratly contributed to our mission success. Jacob is an outstanding Marine worthy of the many accolades and awards he constantly wins. He seets the example for his peers and has quickly become an excellent team leader. I look forward to witnessing his development as a leader in Afghanistan. I promise you that I will do my utmost to bring him back home safely."

The words from an officer as compared to Jared's Platoon Sergeant who said upon Jared's return from Iraq the second time:

"Sir, this is the best damned Marine I've ever had!"

Jake in Afghanistan

Been awhile since I last put something on this blog, but I thought this would be the best place to keep everyone updated on Jake.

He arrived in Afghanistan, he did not say where so I asked. I am assuming he is at Camp Leatherneck. He can not get connected on the internet so he is using the camp's internet cafe. At least that is what is calls it. I'm sure it isn't much of a cafe.

He wants plenty of letters and packages. I will get one a letter off to him today with a package of somethings he wanted. How about we rotate like we did with Jared?

Not much else to report. The job is going fine and now it is time to begin planning the move.

Here's Jake's address for the letters

CPL Jacob Malone
3D LAAD BN (A Battery)
Unit 42025
FPO AP 96427-2025