Sunday, March 28, 2010

Latest Email from Jake

Here's the latest email from Jake. Good reading!!!

I only have a couple minutes left so I'll just sum this up, I'll call you in a second,
but yes i'm 100 percent focuses, and doing my job, and things are going well, i was just but in charge of the bomb stop, which is a couple hundred meters away from the base next to the soak lot where all civilian traffic coming on the base soaks so the dogs can get a better smell off of it (i don't understand that) but its me and my team and we control all the traffic and patrol the soak lot and deal with the afghan all day and all the bull crap that is involved with their trucks and the weird things they try to bring on base or to harm us, but all is well I enjoy it, today we met some kids and they loved fruit roll ups that you sent in the package, and silly string petroffs wife sent, they covered us in it. The sardings (spelling) were a big hit with me and my team we all loved them includding the swarms of flies that infest our truck! Thanks alot for the package, my team and platoon say thanks
Thats all take care
love ya

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