Friday, March 12, 2010

Recent emails from Jake.

From Wednesday

Hey,Yeah I'm at leatherneck for now, there are rumors going around about a move as part of our mission but i can't really go into detail, but all is well just wrapping up on our first week of bull crap training and classes, and about ready to start our rip and shadowing with the unit we are relieving, other than that not to much, other than i was in an mrap that turned over on its side that was and experience. Well that all for now things are still good. Tell everyone to send letters because im sick of slow internet!Talk to you later Jakey-poo

From Saturday

Hey i made it here safe, things are crazy though, its been busy and internet is terrible, i can't get it on my laptop but the internet cafe (what they call it) is where i can email every so often. i quess we are taking over qrf for the whole base and outside operating areas so i'm going to be pertty busy so tell everyone that letters will probably be the way to go. thats all for now tell everyone i say hi.Jakeps can you send me some celltech made by muscletech, either grape or fruitpunch, you can use one of my checks to buy it from gnc thanks

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